Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication in the online world.

How often do you hear in the news that data has been stolen from online sites by hackers. These data are personal information. Credit cards or login data to your online accounts like iCloud, Google, Facebook, etc.

It may be a little disturbing in the first place. But usually the well-intentioned advice that you should change all passwords is immediately discarded. And honestly, who wants to change all passwords for the online accounts every second month? And how often is the same password used for different accounts?

And who wants to memorize for each account a different password? Also the complexity, uppercase and special characters, does it make easier. Writing the passwords down is also not recommended.

Two Factor AuthenticationTo protect your online account, you may want to consider a two factor authentication.

What does a two factor authentication mean? In addition to your username and password, you will also be prompted to enter, a unique and only known by you, code. This code is generated or transmitted by an app on your smartphone, as a hardware token or as a text message.

This type of authentication provides protection for your account. Admittedly, this creates a little extra effort. But is not that extra work for additional protection?

If you are interested in protecting your online accounts, please do not hesitate to contact me. We evaluate in a conversation what is the best for you. I would like to support you further for setting up a two-factor authentication.

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