Evolutionweb IT Services helps you for your IT in business or private. During a personal consultation I will discuss your needs and working on a solution that works for you.


- Windows support
- Mac OSX support
- Software installation
- Software update
- MS Office solutions
- Email setup
- iPhone supprt
- Android support
- Cloud solutions


- Hardware installation
- Hardware maintenance
- Printer
- WiFi and Internet installation


- Password Management
- Firewall
- Email encryption


- Wordpress Website
- HTML Website
- Online store

Photo / Video

- Photo editing
- Video editing
- Photo Scanning
- 8mm/Super 8 Film Scanning
- VHS/DVD Film Scanning
- 35mm Slide Scanning

About Me

Thomas Salzgeber

Thomas’s started his professional life as an Electrical Engineer. Through his interest in computers prompted him to further his education in technology. Once completing his education he started his career as a computer engineer in 2002, mainly working in the windows and internet security environment. Installing systems and maintenance them.

Austrian born now living in Lake Cowichan, Canada. Thomas knowledge and understanding in the English and German language allows him to assist locally and internationally as a computer specialist.

Hobbies include staying active through cycling, skiing and enjoying the outdoors. Traveling is another passion, holding great interest towards learning different cultures, languages, architecture and history.

Latest News

News and Trends from the World Wide Web

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication in the online world. How often do you hear in the news that data has been stolen from online sites by hackers. These data are personal information. Credit cards or login data to your online accounts like iCloud, Google, Facebook, etc. It may be a little disturbing in the first place. But […]

Transparency Report from Google about HTTPS usage

Transparency Report from Google about HTTPS usage

The Transparency Report 2016 from Google about HTTPS useage shows in the recent years again and again how important encryption in the Internet is. Google Transparency Report shows that the number of pages with HTTPS encryption is steadily increasing. If your website is communicating with HTTP and you are thinking to secure your website with […]