Thomas Salzgeber Evolutionweb Web Design

Thomas’s started his professional life as an Electrical Engineer, through his interest in computers prompted him to further his education in technology. Once completing his education he started his career as a computer engineer in 2002, mainly working in the windows and internet security environment installing systems and maintenance them. His passion for designing websites started by helping friends and colleges create their professional sites. Receiving positive feed back along with the enjoyment he finds in the work was the inspiration behind the life of Evolution Web.

Austrian born now Living in Vancouver, Canada. Thomas knowledge and understanding in the English and German language allows him to assist locally and internationally as a  freelance web designer, computer specialist and photographer. Helping large corporations, small businesses along with individuals create outstanding websites and creative concepts.

Hobbies include staying active through cycling, skiing and enjoying the outdoors. Traveling is another passion, holding great interest towards learning different cultures, languages, architecture and history.