Envira Gallery Lite Update

Envira Gallery Lite Update is now available.

New feature and fixes in Version
Added: ImageGallery and ImageObject Schema Markup to Galleries
Added: Option to insert Gallery Title as heading when using the Add Gallery button in a Visual Editor
Added: More detailed on screen progress bars when uploading multiple images
Added: envira_isotopes and envira_isotopes_config JS arrays for developers
Updated: Isotope to 3.0.0
Updated: ImagesLoaded to 4.1.0
Updated: Standardised edit screen titles and descriptions
Fix: Better rendering of Isotope layouts using imagesLoaded
Fix: Image uploader on Gallery Add/Edit screen not displaying on some tablet and mobile devices
Fix: Checkmark icon wrongly displaying on modal close when editing images.
Fix: Display text in warning when Envira Lite and Envira Gallery are both activated.
Fix: Ensure that third party notification plugins don’t remove the Envira Gallery logo and header from Envira’s screens
Fix: Various resets for images and captions to prevent themes overriding default behaviour
Fix: Minified admin CSS for faster load times
Fix: When editing an image, store any checkbox values if checked, instead of assuming 1 or 0 for better Addon compatibility.

For more information visit the website:
Envira Gallery Lite

Update instructions:
Before you update the WordPress package, any PlugIn or the Theme, create a backup and save this on a secure place (Computer, external Harddrive, Cloud Drive, etc.). Follow the update instructions provided under the menu Dashboard -> Updates. After the update is completed make sure to create a backup of the new version. Also testing the new version!

If you have any question about the update, please contact me

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